TANDIUM delivers

a solution for every need

As part of the TANDIUM Cloud, Payroll is a fast and accurate way to ensure you can execute and manage your payroll on time, every time.

Your payroll data is automatically integrated with other HR Cloud modules. You never rekey anything from one system to another. And, with 55 Billon in annual payroll processed, you can rest easy knowing the HR Cloud is a tried-and-true payroll solution.

You can quickly review timesheets, process your payrolls, and even see payroll status in real-time.*

Safe & Secure

Access to payroll data is granted to individuals in your organization as needed, and you can even control what specific data, fields and reports each individual can see the data.  Everything is safe, and your team only sees the data they need.

Your Company Brand

Your payroll can include your logos on checks, so your employees have a consistent experience.

TANDIUM is the solution. We offer PEO, ASO, Payroll, Benefits and Human Resources for all types of employers.

Whatever the nature of your business, we will customize a Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits  program to support your needs.         If you have challenges, TANDIUM has the solutions.