TANDIUM® can offer you

total Human Resources Administration.

20 years ago, TANDIUM® specialized in serving the accounting needs of businesses and non-profit organizations.

Over the years, we saw firsthand the time invested and the difficulties involved in the day-to-day operation of the business of having employees. As employers, these business owners were processing payroll, filing taxes, and trying to ensure they were in compliance with all the Federal, State and local laws and regulations.

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As a result, TANDIUM® evolved into a complete HR service organization offering PEO, ASO, Payroll and HR consulting solutions for these administrative headaches.

Whatever the nature of your business, we can customize a HR/Payroll program to support your needs. Today, TANDIUM® provides total human resource support for the business owner. Whatever the nature of your business, TANDIUM® offers a solution for you.


To develop long term relationships with clients that will have a positive impact on them, their employees and the business community as a whole. To continually strive to improve our service, our product and our focus on customer satisfaction.



"I want to say that I appreciate all the help your team has provided to our company. Our one concern when leaving our previous PEO was the support side of the arrangement, and to date, I can say that you have equaled or exceeded the support we have received in the past."

- Government Contractor

“We’re more than satisfied with the professional services we receive from TANDIUM®. For years, we have had our entire payroll and HR needs handled by TANDIUM®. Using them allows us to concentrate on our business and our customers’ satisfaction. TANDIUM® offers our employees a comprehensive benefits package making it easier to hire and keep great employees. We give TANDIUM® our highest recommendation.”

- National Chain Restaurant

“Having TANDIUM® handle all of our benefits and payroll has removed a huge burden from managing our business. It allows us to spend more time and resources on generating revenue. By using TANDIUM®, our business is able to have the same benefits and payroll features that much larger companies have for their employees.”

- Computer Software Company