What is a PEO?

TANDIUM is a professional employer organization (PEO). PEO’s enable business owners to cost-effectively outsource the management of: Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Payroll, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Administration. This allows you, the client, to focus on your core competencies in order to maintain and grow your bottom line. A PEO establishes and maintains a co-employer relationship with clients and their employees. For you, the employer, nothing changes operationally and the employees still remain under your direction and control. The main difference is that you and your employees now have a PEO to process and administer all Payroll and Human Resources functions.

What is an ASO?

TANDIUM is also an administrative service organization (ASO). While PEO services offer enormous advantage to many businesses there are times when it makes sense for an organization to retain “ownership” of their employees. Similar to PEO, our ASO offers a truly outsourced Payroll and HR departments without the co-employment arrangement. All payroll and benefit reporting utilizes your company’s tax ID. We still do it all for you; HR solutions, payroll, forms, risk management, compliance, 401k, benefits auditing and payment and workers compensation administration. The objective is the same, provide great service and support that allows you to focus on your business and grow your bottom line.

Why would a business use TANDIUM?

Business owners should focus their time and energy on what they know, their business.  As a business grows, most owners do not have the necessary skills required in:  Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Risk Management or Regulatory Compliance as these are very specialized areas.  Our clients have found partnering with TANDIUM as the most efficient solution to these challenges.

How does TANDIUM help its clients control costs and grow their bottom line?

TANDIUM assists clients in saving money through the efficiency of outsourcing and economies of scale. The client has more time to focus on revenue generating activities instead of the time consuming efforts related to HR. We also help protect our client’s business through compliance, education and employee training.

How do employees benefit?

Employees seek financial security, quality benefits, a safe working environment and opportunities to grow. TANDIUM provides Fortune 500 benefits tailored to your business needs including health insurance, retirement plans, workplace risk management, and wide variety of other HR services. We provide employee manuals, HR guidelines and online technology for convenience. By shifting your full attention to your business  and allowing us to handle the rest,  you create an environment allowing your employees and your organization to grow.

What sets TANDIUM apart from larger publicly-traded competitors?

In the HR, Payroll and Benefits industry, where service sets others apart, bigger does not necessarily mean better. TANDIUM is positioned to be large enough to offer all the HR services and technological functions offered by larger competitors, yet small enough to know our clients and offer flexibility. Our philosophy on customer service is that every client should be given prompt, accurate, and consistent results. We know our clients want to speak to someone familiar with their business and their philosophy. Our teams are assigned to clients so that there is a single point of contact for every conversation.