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What do employees want? What keeps them eager and ready to tackle the next challenge and committed to staying with their current employers?

That’s the $64 million question, and companies are working overtime to answer it correctly for their key employees.

So, what do employees want?

Strategies for Increasing Job Satisfaction

They want respect, and while they also want money, that form of reward is not as high on the scale as many managers tend to think it is. 

Studies have shown that one of the best indicators or whether an employee will stay with the current employer is whether the employees has a good relationship with a manager.

The best way to find out how you are doing in engaging employees is to ask them about their work experience on a regular basis.

While some companies see surveying their employees as more of an exercise, employers of choice see it as an opportunity for transformation.

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TANDIUM is the solution. We offer PEO, ASO, Payroll, Benefits and Human Resources for all types of employers.

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