PEOs Offer the Ultimate Human Resources Outsourcing Services

Human resources outsourcing services include a dizzying array of options, from turnkey human resources information systems to high-level consulting, Administrative Employer Organizations (AEOs), and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). On top of that, each level of service can customize to meet the needs of the individual small business.

Finding the right level of service is essential. Some businesses have a solid HR team but need consulting when planning or unique challenges arise. But for some, outsourcing the majority of human resources operations is the key to success because it lets the business focus on products and services. Professional Employer Organizations offer this ultimate level of human resources service.

What Can a PEO Offer My Business?

In many ways, a PEO operates like the human resources department of a major employer, one that is typically unaffordable for small businesses. That is because a professional employer organization is the employer of record for multiple small businesses. When you contract with a PEO, you manage your employees from an operational perspective, and the PEO handles all the administrative and compliance responsibilities. Because the PEO is working with other small businesses, they can invest in human resources processes and people that would be out of reach for most small businesses.

While the details of your agreement conform to the needs of your business, PEOs typically offer your business the following:

  • As the employer of record, the PEO will manage and execute payroll accurately and on time. That includes time tracking, tax filings, and payments for local, state, and federal employment taxes.
  • PEOs often offer high-quality and cost-effective medical and dental insurance for your employees. They also allow small businesses to provide retirement savings plans and other employee benefits and perks. They have the buying power of larger companies and bring those savings to your business. Many PEOs have a suite of benefits offerings, so you can customize the benefits package to meet your company’s needs and budget.
  • PEOs handle benefits administration, including employee enrollment and claims assistance.
  • Businesses working with PEOs can know that documentation is up to speed through HR audits of the employee handbook, policies and procedures, and job descriptions. The PEO can support revisions for clarity and compliance if the audit reveals issues.
  • Human Resources specialists at PEOs conduct ongoing reviews of regulations and laws to ensure compliance with labor laws, tax regulations, safety requirements, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, new hire reporting, and termination. They bring that information back to their clients with recommendations.
  • PEOs onboard new employees, conduct background checks, file immigration reporting, benefits enrollment, and conduct orientation. They ensure appropriate handling of FMLA and other protected leaves.
  • They often provide access to online learning management systems that not only meet the requirements of mandated training (i.e., harassment training and HIPAA) but also training that builds hard skills, improves culture and employee engagement, and builds leadership skills.
  • PEOs can provide consultants to support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Employees of PEO-supported companies have access to secure human resources information systems, accessible wherever employees work. Employees often have access to designated human resources professionals to answer their questions promptly. This level of service makes employees feel valued and prevents potentially costly errors.
  • PEOs can support small businesses with strategic and operational human resources planning to take a business to the next level. Experienced consultants can give insights into modern businesses’ critical issues, such as effective recruitment in a tight labor market, increasing employee engagement and recruitment, planning for business growth, and succession planning.

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