Creative Recruiting Strategies

While April’s job report shows a modest drop in vacancies, the labor market remains extremely tight. This news is excellent for job seekers but creates a challenge for employers seeking to recruit the best candidates. Recruitment strategies and hiring practices that had once been effective are no longer successful. Too often, companies are not getting qualified candidates to apply for vacancies, and when they do, they find that the most qualified candidates have already accepted employment elsewhere.

Savvy businesses are transforming their hiring practices to stand out from the crowd with creative recruiting strategies that attract the best candidates.

Attract Candidates Quickly with These Tips

  • Leverage your brand during recruitment. For many businesses, the best employees are already familiar with your company. Attracting new employees from your pool of fans and customers is a terrific way to bring in new hires that already appreciate your corporate culture.
  • Transform the typical job posting page on your website to a career page. Supercharge content with employee testimonials, engaging metrics, statistics, and employee awards. Feature content that demonstrates a commitment to your employees’ professional growth.
  • Adopt a mindset that you are always looking for great candidates. The old process of initiating recruitment once you have a new vacancy will leave your business understaffed and will impact your company’s ability to deliver goods and services. With inbound recruiting, your company proactively and continually markets to potential candidates.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of a positive candidate experience. In the old HR mindset, the resumes of the candidates you did not select went into a paper file. Take your candidate relationship management to the next level. Engage with every candidate with the goal of delivering a positive experience. This helps you develop a talent pool and pipeline. Candidates are talking to each other. Most candidates will share their experience with other job seekers, whether it was positive or negative.
  • Social media is not just for marketing your goods and services. Smart human resources professionals are active on social media and create excitement to increase the pool of candidates. Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are effective for getting visibility about employment opportunities at your organization. Ensure your website and apps are all mobile device optimized so job seekers can easily move from social media interest to making contact.
  • Let your existing employees share how great it is to work for your company. Feature your employees and let them tell candidates why your company is a great place to work. Reward employees who refer great candidates. Referred candidates take the shortest time to hire and onboard.
  • Reduce barriers to applying, interviewing, and hiring. Using dated recruitment and hiring strategies takes time. The typical job seeker thinks an offer should be made within one to two weeks; the average company takes 5.5 weeks. Closing that gap could mean getting the candidate you want. Initiate conversations digitally. Make it easy for people offering references to complete the process. Consider instant hire and on-demand interviews for some positions in your company.
  • Use technology to streamline your workflow. Reducing the time to move from recruitment to hiring is essential. AI-powered tools like resume parsers help find the most qualified candidates. Chat-Bot screeners can get the conversation started and provide valuable screening. Recruitment automation like applicant tracking systems and recruitment marketing software reduces the administrative burden for HR professionals and shortens the time from recruitment to offer.
  • Give your potential new hires an insider view of what it’s like to work for your company. Invite them in or use video.
  • Fully commit to a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. Seek out networks and partners to bring in talent from a wide range of candidates. Many recruiters are committed to DEI but rely on networks and practices that do not attract or appeal to diverse candidates. Expand your networks, experiment with new outreach platform forms, write inclusive job ads, and train all staff involved in recruitment and hiring to identify and eliminate unconscious bias.
  • Make your process fun and games. Recruitment games are a fun way to assess skills, build a brand, introduce candidates to your form, and enhance the candidate experience.

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