What Makes an HR Outsourcing Company Great?

Finding the best HR outsourcing companies can be challenging when there are so many options. A quick internet search will bring up thousands of options, from HR and payroll software as a service (SaaS) platforms to payroll and benefits administration to full-service professional employer organizations (PEO). The companies offering these services range from large-scale multinational corporations with name recognition to small sole proprietors, independent contractors, and everything in between.

Contracting with an HR outsourcing company is a big step. It can give your company the competitive advantage to recruit and retain the most talented employees. It can reduce the risks of noncompliance in the ever-changing federal and state regulatory landscape, where errors can result in hefty fines, lawsuits, and loss of reputation. The most significant advantage is that outsourcing can free up your organization so that you and your employees can focus on the core business that makes your company great.

The best Human Resources organizations will strengthen your company and reduce your risks. Finding the right partner is essential. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs of what to look for in the best Human Resources outsourcing companies. Look for these markers of excellence.

8 Characteristics of the Best HR Outsourcing Companies

  1. Look for experience. The best HR companies have a team of experienced Human Resources professionals equipped to meet your general and specialized Human Resources needs.
  2. Find a partner with expertise and a commitment to staying on top of changing laws, employment trends, and even the unexpected. The best Human Resources professionals are well-trained in the field and stay informed. Their expertise keeps your business agile and ready to respond to trends and emerging needs – like the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. Look for a diverse set of services. Every business is unique. One type of service does not fit all. The best Human Resources outsourcing companies have a flexible suite of offerings, from payroll processing to ASO and PEO services, to strategic Human Resources consulting. With diverse services, your HR outsourcing partner can tailor the services to meet your company’s current and future needs.
  4. Find a well-managed company that has passed the test of time. Labor markets and trends shift through time. When entrusting your most critical resource, your employees, to another business, you must know that your partner will be there through the easy and challenging times.
  5. Reputation is important. Look for an HR outsourcing company that is willing to share testimonials and provide references for clients in similar industries. If their businesses are thriving and they have positive things to say about the partnership, that’s a great sign that you have found a top-notch HR outsourcing company.
  6. Select an HR outsourcing company with experience in your region. In addition to federal requirements, there are local and state regulations. Health insurance offerings vary from state to state. Local expertise is essential.
  7. Look for an outsourcing company that is big enough to leverage economy-of-scale savings for you in HRIS systems, training programs, and benefits. This capability allows you to access state-of-the-art systems and world-class benefits at a saving.
  8. Ensure the HR outsourcing company provides you and your employees with personalized attention. Human Resources is all about relationships. Employee satisfaction increases when they know they can contact a friendly professional.

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