What Does Human Resources Do? 8 Essential HR Staffing Duties Explained

Human Resources (HR) is crucial in shaping any business’s infrastructure. At TANDIUM, we provide specialized HR staffing duties that align with your organization’s strategic needs, ensuring operational excellence and employee satisfaction.

HR Staffing Duties at TANDIUM

  1. Employee Onboarding and Training: Effective onboarding and continuous training are pivotal for employee success. TANDIUM facilitates these processes to integrate new hires smoothly and enhance the skills of current employees, thereby boosting overall productivity.
  2. Payroll Management: Our streamlined payroll services guarantee accurate and timely employee payment. They incorporate advanced software solutions and a dedicated support system to resolve any payroll-related queries.
  3. Benefits Administration: TANDIUM offers competitive and flexible tailored benefits packages that address employees’ needs while aligning with organizational goals. We manage all aspects of benefits administration, from initial setup to yearly enrollment.
  4. Employee Relations: Maintaining healthy employee relations is vital. TANDIUM handles everything from resolving conflicts to negotiating labor contracts, ensuring a harmonious and productive workplace.
  5. Workplace Safety: Ensuring a safe work environment is a fundamental HR staffing duty. We adhere to all safety regulations and conduct regular training to keep safety practices at the forefront of our minds.
  6. Compliance with Labor Laws: Our HR experts ensure that your business complies with applicable labor laws, reducing legal risks and maintaining an ethical workplace.
  7. Performance Management: We assist in developing effective performance management systems that align employee performance with company goals, provide feedback, and foster professional growth.
  8. Talent Retention: TANDIUM develops strategies to retain top talent within your organization, recognizing the importance of continuity and the value experienced employees bring.

Client Testimonial

“TANDIUM Corporation became a very good client of ours around July 2019. Whilst taking care of their technology infrastructure needs and witnessing their growth firsthand, our relationship naturally evolved to a symbiotic one. TANDIUM Corporation quickly became our outsourced HR department, and we could not be more pleased. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and quick on their feet. They onboard our employees, take care of all HR functions (including payroll, health insurance, 401k, etc.), and, foremost, have been instrumental in guiding us through this pandemic. Susan Manno, President and Director of Legal Compliance, leads her team with knowledge, integrity, gratitude, compassion, and an iron fist. As a business owner myself, having her and her team by my side makes me a better leader for my team. I will continue to recommend their services with no hesitation.” Said Scott Levy, The President Of Arley Wholesale, Inc.

Partner with TANDIUM for HR Excellence

Understanding and executing HR staffing duties can significantly impact your business’s success. TANDIUM is here to guide and support your organization through expert HR services. Discover how we can enhance your HR operations by visiting TANDIUM.

Please contact us for detailed inquiries or to discuss your specific HR needs. Our comprehensive HR solutions can help you build a more efficient and supportive workplace.